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PLM2C available for downloading

You can purchase a PLM2C license online via Paddle.

Paddle allows you to choose your payment mode (credit card, check, money order and other methods) and provides a certified secure channel for payments.

PLM2C Gold version

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PLM2C source code

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About Company

Alternative Solutions provides a cost effective and reliable translator that is designed to provide good reability of generated C code by transforming simple definitions in PL/M to more precise and readable structures in C. The resultant C source code embodies the functionality of the original PL/M source code while adhering to modern C coding style.

About PL/M

The PL/M programming language is a high-level language developed by Gary Kildall in 1972 for Intel for its microprocessors. Today PL/M is no longer supported by INTEL and its successor is the C language which is widely used in embedded systems development.

Demo version

You can download a demo version of PLM2C which retains the full functionality of the product except that the source PL/M file length is limited to 100 lines and the number of INCLUDE files is limited to one. It can be activated to a fully functional version when you purchase a license.

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