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PLM2C Main Features

PLM2C is a compiler/translator which accepts PL/M sources files and produces the corresponding ANSI C  or K&R C source files ready to be compiled with a C compiler. The resultant C source code embodies the functionality of the original PL/M source code while adhering to modern C coding style. 

PLM2C is unique in the sense that it provides a context sensitive PLM to C translation and generates C source code that is as readable and clear as the original PL/M source code.  This is achieved by mapping simple macro definitions in PL/M to more precise language constructs in C. An example is the mapping of  "LITERALLY" definitions to "typedefs" structure definitions when they are found to be used as such.  A rule based engine is being employed to find these mappings and augment simple definitions in PL/M to more precise and readable structures in C. The correct mapping is guaranteed and PLM2C produces the corresponding ANSI C or K&R C source files ready to be compiled with a C compiler.

Developed and used since 1989, PLM2C was used very successfully to translate numerous large industrial projects of top industrial companies in Europe, Israel, the US and Asia, and with minimum humane intervention: See third party evaluation of PLM2C , PLM to C translator, compared to other translators

Alternative Solutions PL/M to C translator is a non risk offer since you can test the demo version and have a full access to its documentation and translation examples. It is also  is the most advanced PL/M to C conversion tool and the most cost effective of all other alternatives. 
Before investing a lot of money in manual or semi automatic PLM to C translation services, be sure to check out PLM2C possible solutions in your PLM to C translation project. 

The PL/M Legacy

PL/M is a computer language that was designed and proposed by INTEL back in the 70s and the 80s and was widely used due to its good performance on INTEL's processors and its high level syntax. Today PL/M is no longer supported by INTEL and its successor is the C language which is widely used in embedded systems development. 

Systems that were developed using PL/M are usually being translated to the C language in order to be maintained and evolved. PLM2C presents a very cost effective solution in this transition due to its low cost and high quality of translation. 

PLM2C Availability

The PLM2C, PLM to C translator, is available on IBM PC or compatible running Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. PLM2C is invoked from a Command (DOS) window but it is a WIN32 program running in protected mode. The current version handles PL/M: 86, 286 & 51.

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You can now get the PLM2C source code. For more information click here